Superhero T-Shirts by Luc Bauer

Many retailers claim to sell cool or retro t-shirts, but too often the designs are the same old boring shirts you’ve been seeing on the torso of your friends for the last decade. At Luc Bauer, we know that being cool doesn’t mean jumping on a trend six months after your friends have already discovered it. That’s why we offer a unique mixture of retro and vintage t-shirts that will never go out of style. What do you want your t-shirt to say about you? Perhaps you’re looking for a Star Wars t-shirt that will spark debates about whether Hans Solo or Greedo shot first? Or would you rather sport a Marvel t-shirt that gives you the confidence of a superhero? Whatever your preferred franchise, we have pop culture t-shirts that allow you to wear your geek-chic heart on your chest.

Let’s be honest here: you want to look good, but you don’t want to have to spend hours ironing tailored shirts. In fact, perhaps you’re not convinced you could iron them without leaving burn marks on the fabric? Don’t feel embarrassed about that; we’d prefer to avoid ever picking up an iron too. Our t-shirts don’t need any fancy treatment; simply pull on your favourite in the morning, add a cool pair of jeans -- and a blazer if you’re feeling fancy -- and you’re ready for any situation. Just remember to throw the t-shirt in the wash every once in a while so you stay smelling fresh.

The t-shirt is a classic item of clothing that will never go out of style. However, t-shirt designs that seemed cool last month can soon end up making you cringe. Reduce the number of “nothing to wear” mornings you have to deal with by investing in a collection of classic retro t-shirts that can stand the test of time. Luc Bauer has the pop culture t-shirts you need; now all you need to worry about is finding a well-fitting pair of jeans and a cool pair of shoes to combine them with, and your wardrobe worries are over.  Shop Now »