A Complete Guide to T-Shirts

Have you ever owned a tee that you wanted to wear every day? The likely reason was not just the fit, but the perfect combination of great fabric, perfect style and a just-right colour. When you're looking for a new favourite, knowing exactly what you want helps narrow the search. Here are a few categories for guidance:

The traditional, standard t-shirt is designed with a straight, rectangular cut offering plenty of room for many different sizes and shapes. This squarish fit looks good on rectangular or triangular-shaped bodies, but not as much on those with narrow shoulders, round abdomens or other areas that cause pulls or gaps in the fabric.  Read more »

T Shirt Size Guide

If you are looking for the perfect t-shirt for yourself, it can be helpful to understand your exact t-shirt size so that you end up with a shirt that fits you perfectly. Below you can find a helpful guide for taking all of the required measurements and ensuring that you end up choosing the right size t-shirt.

Most t-shirt sizes are determined by the size of your chest. In order to discover your size, you can take a tape measure and measure your chest -- or your favourite t-shirt that you know already fits you well. Once you find out how many inches your chest's circumference is, you can use that measurement to pick out what size t-shirt will best suit your body. Here are two ways to determine the size of your chest:  Read more »

How to Wash and Dry T-Shirts

Your clothing gives people a first impression of who you are. It’s the best way to show off your own personal style and personality, and you want to make sure that you represent yourself in the way you want. The best way to do so is to take care of the clothes you own. Clothing should be made well and last a long time – but it helps to care for your clothes in order to preserve them and to extend the life of your favourite items.

T-shirts in particular need extra care. You want to keep them in tip-top condition in order to ensure that they look their best on you over the years. A great one can last you a whole lifetime if you care for it in the best way.  Read more »

How to Look Cool in a Tee

Wearing a t-shirt with your jeans is a classic look, but that doesn't mean you have to do it in the blandest and most boring way possible. Spice things up by rocking a retro t-shirt, and you will look cool without paying big bucks. You don't want to make the mistake of choosing a non-trendy shirt because failing to look hip will lead to a "bummy" image.

With that said, check the advice below to get a feel for how you can look cool in a t-shirt without requiring a designer's name on it.  Read More »

Why Are T-Shirts So Popular?

From the standard white to t shirts bearing your favourite superheroes to t shirts depicting your favourite rock band, clever slogans, company logos or vivid imagery, this simple yet versatile garment never goes out of style. To say that they are popular is an understatement. No doubt, everyone has at least a few shirts in their wardrobe, and maybe even a whole drawer full. While the colours may fade, the allure of the simple tee does not. Young or old, male or female, individuals of all types, races and religions wear them, and the reasons t shirts are so popular are many.

Who doesn’t feel comfortable in t shirts? They are the perfect garment for a cool summer day, and ideal for working out in. They are great to sleep in, they provide comfort when worn under a dress shirt, and when you are done with work, nothing feels better than getting out of your work clothes and putting on a familiar tee for the rest of the night.  Read more »

How Many T-Shirts Do You Need?

Maybe your sneaker collection is getting too big. Or maybe your first and only tattoo was just too painful for a repeat performance. Still, you want to be the type of person that isn’t afraid to let their freak flag fly or, at the very least, put your imprint on the day. Fortunately for you, we live in times when you have a few more choices than sneakers and tattoos to personalise your space, your look and your loves. As a matter of fact, the answer to your personalised dreams might already be sitting in your closet with that growing stack of well-folded t-shirts, each waiting for its moment in the sun. Given the scope of things you love, from music to superheroes, villains and everything in between, that stack of shirts should probably be higher than it is.  Read more »