How to Look Cool in a Tee

Wearing a t-shirt with your jeans is a classic look, but that doesn't mean you have to do it in the blandest and most boring way possible. Spice things up by rocking a retro t-shirt, and you will look cool without paying big bucks. You don't want to make the mistake of choosing a non-trendy shirt because failing to look hip will lead to a "bummy" image.

With that said, check the advice below to get a feel for how you can look cool in a t-shirt without requiring a designer's name on it.

Wear Shirts from the Trendiest Movies

Certain films and their characters have a "swagger" that no one can replicate. The most-fashionable shirts influenced by the big screen are not always from hit new films. Instead, it's often the classics that catch the most attention -- and this doesn't stop at Star Wars. There are many other examples too.

Some popular characters found on movie shirts include:

  • Batman.
  • Captain America
  • Flash
  • Superman
  • The Joker

These icons are timeless classics that have held down the movie t-shirt style for many years now. Interestingly, they are all from movies based on comics. One of the more recent comics to enter the same limelight is "Guardians of the Galaxy." If you like that film, "Rocket Raccoon and Groot" are a big hit and a newer trend.

Another interesting thought to ponder is that many celebrities partake in these blockbuster films. The people who play these roles often wear licensed tees because they are a part of the films. That's why there's also a bit of a boost from Hollywood that helps catapult these movies into true fashion trends.

Nerd Out with Cool T-Shirts

Being a nerd is cool in today's society, but that doesn't mean people want to look like nerds -- think back to the early years in school, being a stereotypical nerd wasn't cool. Everything is different when you put a nerdy twist on your attire but still stay hip and cool all around. A pair of Levi's or Superdry jeans with a classic Marvel, Star Wars or even Harry Potter t-shirt will go a long way. 

When looking at t-shirts from DC Comics you will have plenty options. For example, there are many different designs of Superman logo shirts available. The variety makes it easy to find something which will stand out with the rest of your attire. 

So, think about the jeans you plan to wear and choose shirts that will look cool with them. You will find some of these designs are uniquely stylish. For instance, with logo shirts, you can choose colour schemes that are not commonly attributed to the movie and its merchandise.

Stick with the Best Retro T-Shirts

The timeless classics mentioned earlier are available in many different looks. You can find newer designs with modern appeal. Alternatively, you could go with a retro style that creates a whole different look. For pop culture t-shirts, the "already-faded" visual makes the shirt look more fashionable. This style takes away from the basic printed tee design and adds some eccentricity to your attire.

Another way to go retro is to pick up some Marvel t-shirts themed around older comics. These shirts come with a vintage look as their designs are based on products that are already from the vintage era. This style is trendy for an overall vintage attire. The comic's price -- often 5 to 25 cents -- adds to the whole "vintage factor," making it that much more believable.

Then moving away from the pop culture, you have some other unique options of vintage t-shirts to consider. For instance, hip-hop fanatics often wear mixtape tees featuring old-fashioned cassette tapes on the design. These shirts are symbolic of the old-school days in music, back when local artists would push their demo tapes onto celebrities whenever they met them.

Rock Your Favourite Music Artists

Shop around for licensed t-shirts from your music artist of choice. Popular local artists are a good place to start. Clearly, the people in your area will see the shirt you have on the most, so shirts from the top local performers can come across as trendy.

You can also look at the UK Billboard Rankings to get a feel for the most popular artists in your preferred genre. Pick any artists from the list who speak to you and start rocking their merch. Not only will you be hitting stylish notes, but you'll also be showing support for an artist, something many people forget to do nowadays.

Also, going for retro t-shirts might be a good idea if you're focusing on music-influenced tees. Old-school groups like The Ramones and Wu Tang Clan have tons of fashionable clothes out already, and many have recently produced merchandise with a vintage look.


Being fashionable in a tee is not impossible, but you certainly have to steer away from the plain white ones. You have a lot of choices, but what counts is that you are making an effort. As long as you choose something trendy -- from pop culture tees to retro tees -- you should be alright. It's up to you to rock the shirt with style and confidence.

9 August, 2017

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