T Shirt Size Guide

If you are looking for the perfect t-shirt for yourself, it can be helpful to understand your exact t-shirt size so that you end up with a shirt that fits you perfectly. Below you can find a helpful guide for taking all of the required measurements and ensuring that you end up choosing the right size t-shirt.

Determine the Size of Your Chest

Most t-shirt sizes are determined by the size of your chest. In order to discover your size, you can take a tape measure and measure your chest -- or your favourite t-shirt that you know already fits you well. Once you find out how many inches your chest's circumference is, you can use that measurement to pick out what size t-shirt will best suit your body. Here are two ways to determine the size of your chest:

Measure Your Chest With a Tape Measure

Take a tape measure, and wrap in around your chest, just underneath your armpits. This should be measuring the widest part of your chest. Ensure that the tape measure is not wrapped too loose or too tightly for an accurate read. Then, look at the number of inches the tape measure. Note these inches -- then use them to determine what size best suits you.

Measure Your Favourite Shirt with a Tape Measure

If you have a t-shirt that you really love to wear, and you think that it fits you perfectly, that's another great method for determining what size t-shirt you should buy. Get that t-shirt out of your closet or dresser, then use a tape measure to measure the shirt from one armpit to the other armpit. Once you've determined the length between the two armpits, double that number. That will give you the "actual chest measurement" of the shirt. Now that you know the actual measurement, you can use that number to pick out what size will work best for your new shirt. While all shirts aren't made in exactly the same way, finding your t-shirt size from an existing t-shirt is pretty safe way to end up with a shirt that fits the way you want it to.

Selecting the Right Size for Your T-Shirt

Once you've measured your chest, you'll have a good idea of what size will fit you best. If you're looking for a t-shirt from our site, we offer the following sizes in inches:

Small Med Large XL XXL

36 - 38

38 - 40

40 - 42

42 - 44

44 - 46

Each size has a two-inch range, which means each size will fit people with a small range of chest sizes. If you want your t-shirt to be a little tight, or snug, on your body, choose the size that is closest to your actual chest measurement in inches. If you want something roomier, choose the size that is a little bit larger than your measurement.

Once you've taken your measurements and determined the t-shirt size that's right for you, you can select the t-shirt with the design that you want, and the one that that will fit your body best. Once your shirt arrives, you can enjoy wearing a shirt that not only boasts the look you like, but also one that your body fits into well -- and one that feels comfortable while you wear it.

11 July, 2017

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