What Star Wars Fans Can Expect from 2017

If you aren’t excited about the highly anticipated Star Wars ‘The Last Jedi’ movie, you’ve come to the wrong place. This one is for the galactic fanatics that can’t wait for the new Star Wars Episode VIII to be released. Clear out your closets, desktops, shelves, and schedules because 2017 is the year for everything Star Wars. Here’s what you can expect from not only our collection of Star War T-shirts but from the entire Star Wars industry as a whole.

The release of the last Jedi.

It wouldn’t make sense to start this blog post off any other way. Of course, the release of The Last Jedi is inarguably the most exciting thing happening in 2017. The movie is set to appear in theatres in December (the wait will be unbearable for all of us). So, grab your Star Wars t shirts and a case of your favourite beverage. You know you’ll be replaying that trailer over and over again until the movie hits the cinemas.

The Han Solo Movie.

We are hoping that 2017 might also give us some information about the Han Solo movie, which many fanatics are anticipating a 2018 release. However, the Star Wars crew likes to torture the fans with as little information as possible. So, lightsabers crossed.

Epic Memorabilia.

Whenever a major film such as any of the Star Wars movies comes out, epic memorabilia is to follow. So, now is the time to clear out everything from your closet to your desktop, shelving units to your car’s dashboard. Bobbleheads, stickers, Star Wars t shirts – you name it – are soon to swarm the shelves. And of course, you’ll want all of it. So, prepare now and make some space.

Star Wars Force Fridays.

With a quick search online, we discovered that the Star Wars crew is hosting a Star Wars Force Friday to celebrate the launch of The Last Jedi products. Everything from toys to books, collections and everything in between is going on sale September 1st. Until then, absolutely everything that is specific to The Last Jedi is kept entirely secret… which seems to be an ongoing trend with Star Wars.

So, mark your calendars. This is a global event that connects fans, families, and friends on a different level. What more could you ask for?

Now the only thing left for you to do is start shopping the items that you can shop for right now. Start with our collection of soon to be released Star Wars t shirts. You know you’ll be pulling all-nighters prior to The Last Jedi being released, catching up on every film and you’ll want to be comfortable. Shop today at Luc Bauer.

May 7, 2017

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