Why Are T-Shirts So Popular?

From the standard white to t shirts bearing your favourite superheroes to t shirts depicting your favourite rock band, clever slogans, company logos or vivid imagery, this simple yet versatile garment never goes out of style. To say that they are popular is an understatement. No doubt, everyone has at least a few shirts in their wardrobe, and maybe even a whole drawer full. While the colours may fade, the allure of the simple tee does not. Young or old, male or female, individuals of all types, races and religions wear them, and the reasons t shirts are so popular are many.

They Are Just So Comfortable

Who doesn’t feel comfortable in t shirts? They are the perfect garment for a cool summer day, and ideal for working out in. They are great to sleep in, they provide comfort when worn under a dress shirt, and when you are done with work, nothing feels better than getting out of your work clothes and putting on a familiar tee for the rest of the night. Suitable for many different environments, they can be worn by themselves or with additional clothes such as sweatshirts and dress shirts.

They Can Be Worn Almost Anywhere and Anytime

The t shirt is the perfect shirt for many occasions. They can be worn almost anywhere and are available in a wide variety of styles and colours. You can find tee's that are right for just lounging around and t shirts that are slightly more stylish so when you want to get a bit dressed up but still wish to remain casual, you can do that too.

They Aren’t Expensive

You can purchase them for as little as £9 from our online store, and they don’t normally get much more expensive than that unless you are purchasing a special designer t shirt. But if you just need to add a few more to your wardrobe, it can be done easily without emptying your wallet. In fact, many people purchase t shirts in their favourite colours so they’ll always have one to match every outfit. Their affordability and ease of availability makes this easy to do.

T-Shirts Are Easy-Care

Typically, all you have to do is throw it in the wash with some detergent and fabric softener, and you are done. They don’t require special washing instructions, they normally don’t need to be ironed, and they can be purchased preshrunk so you don’t have to worry about them shrinking if the water is too hot. Put whites with whites, colours with colours and darks with dark clothes. Wash and done.

People Often Have Favourite's

Admit it, you have one that you just love to wear. Maybe it features a great picture of a tropical locale, maybe it sports the logo of your favourite beer, or perhaps it states who your favourite sports team is. Maybe it doesn’t feature anything, but it’s just so comfortable you enjoy wearing it often. People become attached to their t shirts because they remind them of fun times with friends or family. Or they may simply be an extension of your own personality. Regardless of why particular t shirts are your favourites, chances are you don’t form quite the same bond with other articles of clothing.

They Can Say Something About You

Other types of clothes can look stylish, grungy, hippie, modern or rock star, but only t shirts can make a statement that tells people exactly what you like or how you feel. One t shirt can let everyone know that you are a Star Wars fan, while another t shirt can explain that you are only nice to people who deserve it. From movie logos to beer and soda representations to funny expressions that explain a bit about who you are, t shirts are an ideal way of letting complete strangers know more about you.

They Never Go Out of Style

There are many different styles available today. You can choose a scoop neck or a v-neck, t shirts with or without pockets, tees with or without buttons, and so on. There are bright colours, faded colours, tie-dyes, bold graphics, simple designs — more types than you can imagine. The versatility of the t shirt, along with its low price and great comfort, ensures that it will never go out of style. In fact, so long as it is taken care of, a they can last you decades and still be in style.

Tee's are often purchased as souvenirs by tourists on trips everywhere, from nearby states to foreign lands. Many businesses use them in promotional giveaways, getting free marketing when recipients wear the t shirts emblazoned with the company logo. Bands sell thousands shirts to their fans when on tour. Political campaigns give out or sell t shirts with partisan slogans on them. Charities and important organisations use t shirts so that people can show solidarity.

When you consider that they are sold all over the world, it is fairly safe to say that the humble t shirt is one of the greatest pieces of clothing ever invented. It is loved by all and here to stay for many decades to come.

May 24, 2017

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