About Us

Ahh, the t shirt – a universal staple of fashion that crosses every social divide. People of all races, ages, and genders have t shirts in their wardrobes, and t shirts span socio-economic classes. You are as likely to see one on a super-model as you are on a cashier at your supermarket. Some keep cool t shirts as their go-to sleepwear, while others choose retro t shirts to make a fashion statement every time they leave the house.

Luc Bauer grew out of our love for all things t shirt.

The range is extraordinary, as appropriate layered under business attire as they are on the beach. We dress our t shirts up with a blazer for an evening out, and we choose the softest in our collection for cuddling by the fireplace. Now we want to bring the t shirt experience to you.

Whether you are a fan of Superman, Harry Potter, or Guardians of the Galaxy, we have something just right to show off your personal style. Some of our best-selling cool t shirts even have a taste of the dark side, including the Joker and the Punisher. Soon, you will be able to select from a variety of Star Wars essentials – just in time for the release of the next episode. We know that t shirts are an expression of self, so it is our goal to offer you a large selection.

We believe that no closet is complete without a collection of t shirts, and our staff is constantly searching for the best retro designs and the most comfortable material. Soft cotton is our number one choice for maximum versatility, keeping you warm as a winter layer and cool in summer heat. We love how easy it is to keep t shirts looking great – a quick wash, and you are ready to go. As your t shirt collection grows, stop in for tips on creating a new look from old favourites.

At Luc Bauer, we honour the humble t shirt, celebrating its ability to bring people together. Forget politics, when we can all get along over cultural icons like Marvel superheroes, classic Star Wars characters, and vintage shirts that bring us back to the 1980s. We are one of the fastest growing independent t shirt retailers in the UK for a reason: We offer your favourite styles at an affordable price. Browse our collection and check back often – we are expanding rapidly.